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Unsure about your medical practice e-security and meaningful use readiness, get your HIPAA Risk Assessment done by Technical Doctor in Chicago and Houston

TechnicalDr’s HIPAA Risk Assessment ensures you have no worries. It has:
  • A Facility Walk-through Checklist.
  • Cyber-security and Best Practices Audit.
  • EHR Security Assessment and Review.
  • HIT Security Risk Assessment Questionnaire.
  • Privacy and Security Summary Report.
  • Remediation risk included.
What does a HIPAA Risk Assessment do for you?
  • A HIPAA Risk Assessment ensures that you are complying with all Meaningful Use norms, making your practice eligible for Financial SOPS.
  • A HIPAA Risk Assessment confirms that all HIPAA privacy and security guidelines are being followed and protects you from fines and court cases.
  • A HIPAA Risk Assessment makes your clinic truly secure. Your patients are happier knowing that their records are safe and secure with you.
Why Choose Technical Doctor Inc. as your preferred HIPAA Risk Assessment Consultant?
  • Technical Doctor provides an all round assessment of Hardware, Software, Employee and Medical processes of your Practice.
  • Technical Doctor specializes in Readiness Assessments and EHR selection, giving them vital experience in E-Health.
  • Technical Doctor assures a comprehensive report on all vulnerabilities detected and ways to overcome them.
  • Technical Doctor has a dedicated team to do a Risk Assessment within 3-8 hours at your Clinic.
  • Technical Doctor is partnered with HITREC and National Learning Consortium for this service.
  • Technical Doctor employs only HIT specialists with experience to conduct these Risk Assessments, with them you are in safe hands.